la vie en close

La vie en close is a small image-inmovement collection. It is about things that come into life, unfold, inflate, pass by, close and die. It is about the constructed presence of things in hyper proximity. It is about unanimated bodies in close up. An old-fashionable slide projection. a personal archive. a breviary. a thorn, a stick, an arrow. a gun, a revolution, a prison, weight. an action. to hurt, to pierce, to gild, to love. and why to last would be better than to burn? it would be a fright. a sigh, a shadow, a leftover. an oblation. a sorrow, a thank you letter. a bill, a plant, a sign. an extension cord, a cat, a mouth, a bubble, a butterfly. a cat with a butterfly in its mouth. a drivel, a bomb and Brigitte Bardot.
A video by Elisabete Finger in collaboration with Rafael Lopes
Camera: Elisabete Finger
Editing and Montage: Rafael Lopes
Supported by: Edital de Pesquisa de Linguagem em Dança da Fundação Cultural de Curitiba.
Acknowledgements: Ricardo Marinelli, Neto Machado, Gustavo Bitencourt, Michelle Moura, Daniella Aguiar, Nirvana Marinho and Glauco Pessoa.
A project by Cauliflower Miniglobal Artistic Community