studies for Monstro

2010/2011 – situations, actions, events created in Berlin, Curitiba, New York and Lisbon
The ‘studies for Monstro’ were possible compositions for the same group of elements: an egg, two pieces of fur, an arrow, a hole, a golden helium balloon, a song, coca-cola, something red, something hairy, something flying, something dripping, something turning, something dying, and a body in action. Each ‘study for Monstro’ was a reconstruction of the same micro-universe, a repetition and a variation engaging body and matter in meetings, collisions, crossings, fusions, perforations and co-penetrations; building an economy contradictorily ruled by functionality, precariousness and excess.
study for Monstro 1 – cinemonstro (Berlin, 2010); study for Monstro 2 – excess (Berlin, 2010); study for Monstro 3 – bestiario (Berlin/Curitiba 2010); study for Monstro 4 – landscape (Berlin 2011); study for Monstro 5 – choreography, delicacy & grossery (New York 2011); study for Monstro 6 – O. (Lisbon 2011).